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Real Steel review

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 1 April 2013 08:04 (A review of Real Steel)

The people's champion

That which arises from the common, is not driven by power or money, what is the most humble of our life, the feelings of the people, fighting for justice and the common good, which is able to sacrifice his life by achieving greater harmony and war against tyranny, not driving a surname or a social position, only his big heart, that's what we need more than one person, an idea, or a dream that is capable of spreading value in others to fight, to make every drop of sweat on the field, and fight to the last breath, knowing that maybe this will be the last confrontation, fight or die trying. 1) Agent Cody Banks Destination London 2_ (Soundtrack) - 'War' [What is it good for_] 2) Amy Winehouse - Back to Black, 3) Blak Eyed Peas - Shut Up 4) Los Hermanos Rosario - Clean Slate 5 ) Andrea Vochelli and Martha Sanchez - I live for her, 6) Marcos Witt - Pour out your fire, 7) Wizard of Oz - The Dreamcatcher, 8) Juanes - La Vida is a moment, 9) Bob Sinclar - Love Generation s & b mix, 10) Green Dwarfs - Friends, 11) Silvio Rodriguez - La Maza, 12) Gloria Stefan - I do not pretend
You give hope to others, a symbol that follow, not allowing it amedrante defeat is to believe in yourself, in others and give it back at all and give everything for others, be what I've always told my national pride , that represents the essence of simplicity, work and courage, which is able to climb mountains and conquer the stars beyond survival, where the surrender is not an option and if it is the last, where no vano.1 sacrifices) steel giants soundtrack give it a go 2) Zooey Deschanel - Uh-Huh 3) Good Charlotte - Walk Away (Maybe) 4) Manowar & Whitim Temptation - Blood of the Kings 5) Dj Bobo & no Angels - Where Is Your Love 6) Juan Luis Guerra 4-40 - The Wasps, 7) Grandparents of Nothingness - Pull Up, 8) The Green Dwarfs - Yesterday, 9) Red - Is That You're Going, 10 ) Polygamy - My Generation, 11) Decadent - Guitar, 12) La Quinta Estación - I die, 13) Diego Torres - Dreams [With Julieta Vanegas]

A champion does not want medals or belts or talismans, just knowing you did a good job, he would give his soul because others continue their existence and as I fight this life or the other because its principles are steadfast, working for former to destroy the dictatorship, nepotism and elitism dehumanized. 1. Nightwish - Ghost Love Score. 2) And Alient Farm - Smoth Criminal, 3) Bill M And Jennifer W - The Time Of My Life. 4) Mr Jones - Counting Crows 5) - The Eight of Colombia - Give me your love, 6) insiders - Black Clouds, 7) Juanes - Earth, 8) Monchy and Alexandra - not a novel, 9) Willie Colon & Fonseca - Be Far, 10) Gustavo Cerati - I have you to take me, 11) Clean Wheat - I want you for my

Nobody said that the champion of the people, not make mistakes, but is able to recognize and move all the time, give blood if and saves an innocent and deliver democracy glory of his ideas, who would not put others at risk, would volunteer for something, who is able to recognize and work and other exemplary extol, as they say ah {i do the little things men grandes.1) Brandon Wheen - Warcraft 3 - I Am a Murloc, 2 ) Quiet Riot - Cum On Feel The Noise, 3) Four Tours - Reach Out I'll Be There, 4) Crearwater Creedence Revival - Fortunate Son, 5) Guns N 'Roses - Sweet Childo Mine, 6) Blues Brothers - Sweet Home Chicago. 7) Martin Mcfly - back to the future soundtrack 8) The Eight of Colombia - Linda Doll, 9) Veronica Orozco - Brash, 10) Rbd - Just be silent, 11) Antonio Banderas and Los Lobos - Cancion Del Mariachi, 12 rat white - woman lover
That defeat does not hurt so lose, but somehow this was avoided, preferring titans fight rather than allow lackeys oppress the people, not seeking speed, but does not care to make noise, to say I'm alive, and here I am, who loves his family as are his convictions and which faces to give the face a thousand times and get up a thousand times to achieve its objectives, it does not cling to religious faith or to achieve a political idea but have faith in justice and the fight against oppression where you are, so take only the last round can be great without the best armor, it is wise without having to go to the best schools, that is simple without asking for a king bed. 1) Queen - We Will Rock You, 2) jay z ft linking park - numb_encore, 3) Linkin Park - What I've Done, 3 Linkin Park - New Divide (The Second Triad) 4) Afrosound - Sea of ​​Emotions, 5 ) Tito el Bambino & dj remix flach-love, 6) Selena - Forbidden Love, 7) Chayyanne - Santa Sofia, 8) The Fifth Season - The Sun No Return

That puts his hands in the mud, and works like his party, who like King Arthur meets in the circle with everyone so that no heads or feet beyond just an unbreakable bond, where the hard decisions are taken by consensus and the impossible, the prefer to take it because there is lower than that champion of the people, before anything you love. 1.Flo Rida - (Tyler Ward. Cobus Potgieter Cover) Get on iTunes, 2) Boy George - Karma Chameleon, 3) Joulney - Separate Ways 5) Los Toros Band - The women dance well, 6) The Big Band Caleña - So I love you, 7) Sophy - Looks and goes, 8) Shakira - La Tortura, 9) Franco De Vita-Not Enough

As William Wallace, ready to fight, being the best defense is a good offense, not allowing evil to get up and give him time and again to learn that against the goodness of people, there's no way to win, an ideal Rock n Roll libertad.1 Queen - Sportfreunde Stiller, 2 Cher - Strong Enough, 3 Stone Temple Pilots - Crackerman, 4) Londonbeat - I've Been Thinking About You, 5) Bon Jovi - It `s My Lyve (the second staff ), 6) Paula Cole - Where Have All The Cowboys Gone, 7) Susan Tedeschi - It Hurt So Bad, 8) The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian, 9) Donna Summer - Hot Stuff, 10) Green Day - Basket Case, 11) pointer_sisters-i_m_so_excited, 12) Pet Shop Boys - It's a sin 13) Los Toros Band - The Mujeron

Like Joan of Arc was never impossible things, but men unable and afraid and yet they sacrifice for others in their desire to defeat even invincible enemy who preferred gun ninn award despite being a woman learned to fight as always, in each victory was only their desire to continue, if not conformist, to continue the battle where the present and fight until the abandonara1 his humanity. gettin 'over you (feat chris willis, fergie & lmfao) 2) The Rasmus - In The Shadows, 3) The Offspring - Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) 4) The Offspring - Come Out and Play, 5) Edward Maya Feat Alicia - Stereo Love, 6) Gustavo Limma - Balladona, 7) Vengaboys - Shalala lala, 8) Wilfrido Vargas - If I put your hand, 9) Jossie Esteban and Patrol 15 - A man looking for a woman, 10) DLG - La Dying Wish
The champion of the people, not meant to be a leader, but lead by example, do not want to be president or manager, just be a good lieutenant, someone who inspires that gives hope to all the others, where bitterness and resignation are outside your life, where you prefer to live alone as a hero, a champion does not deserve because many privileges, just be yourself, not what you have but what vales.1) Blind Melon - No Rain 2) The Offspring - The Kids Aren ' Alright t, 3). J Bobo - Keep On Dancing, 4) Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Radio Edit) 5) Blood Hound Gang - Discovery Channel, 6) Hermes House Band-The Rhythm of the Night, 7) Dragostea din tei - Maeay Maeoy, 8) Dj Bobo feat Irene Cara - What a Feeling, 9) DJ Bobo - Somebody Dance With Me 10) Bonnie Cepeda - a photograph

No matter if you are skinny or fat, everyone will build their effort to achieve something, by the community, that society is not sold for a few dollars, which respects the law, but like respecting justice and truth, above it, 1) DJ BoBo & Emilia - Everybody - 2002, 2) Sommer Love - Remenber na na na, 3) The Sunclub - Fiesta 98, 4) Michel Telo "Ai Sexy and I Know, 5)-david_guetta-memories , 6) Guru Josh Project - Infinity2008, 7) Bad Boys Blues - How I Need You, 8) Don Omar Zumba Campaign Video, 9) Yolanda Be Cool Vrs DCup We No Speak Americano, 10) Brian Tyler - Loss Of A Twin, 10) Theme - Superman - (orchestrated), 11) Giorgio Moroder Project - song-world-italy-90, 12) Jim Carrey - Some Body to Love, 13) Wing Commander Movie Soundtrack - Overture BSO, 14) Soundtrack - Hellboy - Father's funeral, 15) Good Charlotte - Once Upon A Time The Battle Of Live And Death, 16 Soundstracks - Capitan Centella (Faith Moves Mountains)

Being someone real oe fiction as Benjamin Martin who fought despite every defeat, and that revenge was not part of the plan, the first was a nation, from defeat to defeat to victory if needed to be something that deserves respect and dignity not under the yoke of fear, but of the struggle, honor, honesty, respect ajeno.1) Audiomachine (Epica) - The New Earth. 2) Narnia Soundtrack - 2 harry_gregson-williams-The Battle, 3) Soundtracks Sinphony-London Orchestra - Startrek, 3) Battlestar Galactica (1978) Theme, 4) Cinema in Concert - 01 - John Williams - Duel of the Fates , 4) Dishwalla - Angels Or Devils, 5) The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Secrets, One Republic, 5) Cuco Valoy - Par My Love, 6) DLG - Volvere, 7) Si Tu Te Vas - John L. War and April 40

The champion of the people, is a soldier than a ring, on the battlefield or in everyday life, gives everything without asking anything in return, Ernesto Che Guevara before learning to shoot, taught and learned to farm A person with ideology not be screwed by left or right, ready to be an icon that represents something the people's champion hopes to give of themselves and other loyal, but not blind human ideology overcome when tyranny to spare, but not not required, so be opuesto.1 pole) Los Toros Band - Maybe Yes Maybe No 2) Juan Magan She does not follow fashion, 3) The Girls of Can - Small Things, 4 ) EMANUEL - O rate do amor (Kuduro), 5) Alexis & Fido Feat Flex - Answer me the phone, 6) Daddy Yankee - Ven Bailalo, 7) Daddy Yankee - Ella me Levanto

The champion of the people, of the people, by the people and for the people, as Abraham Lincoln said, also, with his sword someone wanted to change the world and annihilate any form of slavery, as Spartacus, that with power or not, should go ahead and inspiara the troops as Julio Cesar.1) Escape From Alcatraz-Audiomachine, 2) forest gump soundtrack - Alan Silvestri - Forrest Gump Suite, 3) I. Robot Theme (End Credits) 3) Inception _TIME_ Played Live, 4) Lorena - Holding Out for a Hero, 5) Juan Luis Guerra Y 440 - I loved her 6) Monchy Y Alexandra Dos Locos -7) Raken y Ken Y - Bye love, 8) Wisin & Yandel - I'm In Love, 9) big boys-_-whatever pase10) Omega - the stronger the console breaks, 11) Zion ft. Eddie Dee-Love Poor, 11) Daddy Yankee - Emergency Call, 12 Two Flow - Not Equal, 13) Branks - If you see her dance, 14) Hector and Tito - Do not fear the

A champion delivered to build rather than destroy a Da Vinci thought macro, for beyond time and beyond his era, for the common good that we all be treated as equals and live Martin Luther king1) Invasion - destruction of Roger Young, 2) MoonLab Music - Thunder Cloud., 3 Position Music - Man At Arms, 4) Los Toros Band - here there Men, 5) The Number One - Two Cups, 6) Calle 13 Ft Tony Haze - Touching all

Being able to cross large distances, as Theseus, Hercules, Perseus, Jason, Achilles, Ajax, Odysseus and r leaves his legacy in history, over his own existence, be a pride for their children and their wives and not give because the bad beat the first, simply because it follows and Moby - Extreme Ways-to reach out and teach him to fish, not seeking comfort because the soldier knows sleep on the floor and walk barefoot, 1) Requim for a dream soundtrack - requiem for a dream remix (2) Sencit Music - Triumph, 3) Serenity - Firefly fan video - Electric Romeo, 4) Transformeers arrival to earth, 5) Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage (Extended Version) 6) Two Steps From Hell - Ride To Victory7) Eddy Herrera - Remember

A Champion of the People, not left with the knowledge, so it radiates contario others, because the continuity of ideals, shall survive physical death, but the day that men are delivered to the lack of dignity, therefore, who inspires and aspires to be champion of the people, not rich or powerful fear, nor daunted with the traditions of protocol or etiquette, is a great man before anything else, before you criticize the practice, it is practical. 1) Juan Luis Guerra Y 440 - The Niagara Bicycle, two Celtic-Fisherman's Blues, 3) The Talisman-Rosana 4) Doctor Krapula - Strength of amor5) Pasabordo - Bartender

In sorrow a champion not comment their ills, but before strength to go up and have to feign joy before the withdrawal in adversity, because he knows that fear and pain is and human learns from disappointments not with vengeance, but wisely, being one with their cause, despite the disappointment, which torpedoed his plans 1) Enanitos Verdes - Tu Carcel, 2) Donato and Stefano - And I dance, 3) The Sect Ft Eddie Dee - La Locura Automatica, 4 ) Los Hombres G - My Girl, 5)-LA Bamba Los Lobos

Their struggles are not desperate, are hard, where the resignation is not supported in your heart, dancing in the spirit, never to think negatively, auque know the possibility and probability, your mind and have an incredible impact prospects leverages their attitudes hits avoids arrogance and underestimating their opponents 1) Molotov - Frijolero, 2) Diego Torres - Color Esperanza [With Chilaguita] 3) Amaury Gutierrez & Francisco Cespedes - Soul escapes me, 4) Joey Montana - La Melodia, 5 lili Gudman - if you can believe, 6) Chino & Nacho - Mi Niña Bonita

A champion of the people. Rediscover your gifts and the advantage and knows his limitations and avoid commit beyond their humanity, learn from their opponents, also learns charity and forgiveness of the people. 1) Elephant - That's life,) Francisco Cespedes - where life, 3) Going the Distance - Red, 4) Gloria Trevi - Todos Me Miran, 5) Airbag - Summer Love, 6) Amaral - Are my friends , 7) Cosquillos - Drunk Until Dawn, 8) Coti, Paulina Rubio & Julieta Venegas - Nothing Error9) Saylor - Oh Lord, 9) Rock Bones Time passed, 10) Los Tigres del Norte with Paulina Rubio - Blows to the Heart [MTV Unplugged], 11) Diego Torres - Try to be better


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The Devil's Double review

Posted : 4 years, 10 months ago on 17 March 2013 08:40 (A review of The Devil's Double)

Dominic Cooper does one of his best performances in the new film by Lee Tamahori (known for titles such as "Next" or "Die Another Day"). However, the film deflates territories in indecision. Being able to be an action film, it is not; may reflect a historical reality, leans a superficial view, having a product before a huge psychological burden, barely delves into the monster or victim.
"The Devil's Double" part of a real context. After the war between Iran and Iraq, Uday Hussein, one of Saddam's sons, decided to secure the services of a double, an ex-soldier named Laatif. Since then, Laatif is forced to follow the footsteps of a being unbalanced, sadistic, drug addict and manic.
The starting point was so promising. And in that line one is ready to receive the early stages of the film. The big first hurdle occurs Udai characterization as a mere puppet. We talk about a guy who caused terror on the randomness of their behavior, a real monster. A character of this type is expected to thrill, a real fear. Nothing is further from reality, we have a pathetic. No doubt that this is intended to provide an image politically interested. Even the evil can cause admiration and Tamahori decided subtract up to that attribute.
Cooper tries to compensate for this deficiency with great professionalism. The problem comes when the script is tight. The action fails. The psychological development does not appear. And what we found is a series of scenes that emphasize sexual obsessions (with minor assaults) and nonsensical violence.
The film seems to stop and repeated, emphasizing tell invasion of Kuwait and the subsequent war as if you were stupid.
The turning point comes late, with Laatif insubordination, leading to a disappointing simply closing stages (of lousy action movie).
Anyway, sorry that Tamahori did not opt ​​for any way decisively. The drama of that individual have to be twice a monster and Cooper's talent deserved better.

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Paul Blart: Mall Cop review

Posted : 4 years, 10 months ago on 17 March 2013 08:11 (A review of Paul Blart: Mall Cop)

A good actor but you were delas comedai chase scenes and some bad joke adds nothing to the genre of comedy the main characters do get lost in 87 minutes of film, just to hang out any more

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Paul Blart: Mall Cop review

Posted : 4 years, 10 months ago on 17 March 2013 08:10 (A review of Paul Blart: Mall Cop)

It's amazing that this film was number one at the box office in the U.S., and that will raise record amounts in their first weeks. But what these Americans have smoked?

Let's see, here we see nothing new. Topics abound in almost every scene. The only difference is that here the silly boy-repressed-failed-nonsense and good-natured ... an actor interprets past kilos, or for the LOGSE ... a fat.

The beginning is equal to all, developing more of the same and end just as ridiculous. Chico clumsy, a lousy job, where no one respects or peers and elders, with love relationship problems, find new girl in the office ... and divine, ha ha ha. And because God mounts the father came down from heaven at the mall, it becomes the duty at Bruce Willis Die Hard and becomes the only hero in the film. Forget his weight, his clumsiness and his short intelligence phenomenon. And we'll meet a guy fast, convenient and highly intelligent, which single-handedly ... solve the mess as it should be in these stupid ...Oops, sorry! Did I say stupid? I mean in these great American comedies.

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Killzone 3 Collector's Edition review

Posted : 4 years, 11 months ago on 10 February 2013 02:49 (A review of Killzone 3 Collector's Edition)

Sergeant Tomas Sevchenko: Sergeant First Class. 33 years. Six in the service. 1.88 inches and 99 kilos. Sev has behind it a distinguished military career and is the perfect character for special missions. Qualified by intelligence test as a soldier antisocial and unusually contemplative with respect to a veteran, had a traumatic loss of family members in the Helghast invasion suffered Vekta. Despite this, the intelligence services have detected ISA that this situation has affected their abilities in battle. Born in a respectable family of northern Vekta, Sev Navy enlisted against the wishes of their parents. Tomas had within themselves the will to defend the country and its land to the Helghast assault. These ideals were accentuated with the death of family members in the enemy invasion suffered by the planet, an incident that has left Sev with continuous nightmares. Now he wants also revenge. Sev was not educated in numerous battles Garza as his friend, but his intelligence, the ability to observe and the fact you have to learn fast enough to make a name in the ISA. It is a natural leader who drew the attention of Colonel Templar. The hero of the first two installments of the saga Sev saw a reflection of himself, so he decided to head up together Rico Alpha squad.
Sergeant Rico Velasquez: Staff Sergeant. 38. Service 12. 1.85 meters, 108 kilos. Rico took a number of 70/100 on the IQ test, good note within the limits for commands. Still, his military experience can allow you to make certain games to test. Psychological analysis of Sergeant highlights the evidence that has motivated cholera rates for past actions that twist inside. The analysis states that the faith of the command sergeant major can not be approved without some doubts by those responsible for their study. Honorable, loyal and self-sufficient, Rico belongs to a large family in the poor southern Vekta industry, where they spent the events of Killzone Liberation. Rico was born as a fighter, first among his older brothers, then in the street. Before enlisting in the armed forces, was found seeping walk with small-scale crime. The ISA was his escape and salvation. Sergeant Major of the Army was their true home without ever looking back. His natural abilities to fight were enhanced through training and the many battles that have made Rico in one of the most powerful and effective soldiers. During the battle to liberate Vekta of enemy occupation, was captured by the Helghast and knew first hand the betrayal of General Stratston. Templar, who has worked with him, confident in their ability to lead, with Sev, the Alpha squad.

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Ground Control review

Posted : 5 years, 2 months ago on 18 November 2012 04:15 (A review of Ground Control)

Craven Corporation (later why):
Crayven Corporation is currently the main body of the Exchange
Terrestrial Facilities. This organization employs more than nine
billion men, women and children of the Earth and beyond, and manufactures
a wide range of biological activities in addition to developing and
petrochemical other planets.
The holdings of the Corporation Crayven extend the known galaxy,
from Earth to the farthest expanses of space explored by the
human. Although the factories, farms and mining facilities Crayven
offer a full production, are probably best known for their
with land development projects. Crayven technology has been
terraforming crucial in many marginal worlds, including
Crayven eight colonies established under sole ownership.
Crayven Corporation was founded in 2162, as a small business
construction. Its original name was Crayven Constructions, was based on the
Australian continent and was controlled by the partners Crayven, Schindler and
Beck. The company founder, Crayven Reno, was a businessman with
talent and a good architect. Partnered with Schindler and Beck to take advantage of
its capital and political resources. The services provided Constructions
Crayven were in great demand by several Australian companies during the
Heresy War, and Crayven tied hand and foot and stabbed in the back at the
competition without mercy, looking for the most lucrative contracts and
influential. The company prospered and spread, and the year before the signing of
armistice of 2177, Reno Crayven bought out its partners in a
absorption fierce battle. Amid rumors of kidnappings and
blackmail, Reno consolidated their new society, the Corporation Crayven, and requested the
income at the MTC in 2178.
The Corporation Crayven grew over the Reconstruction era, and many
of buildings built between 2178 and Reno 2202 Crayven continue
considered wonders of postwar architecture. Los Arcos Kenji
Okinawa, the Cathedral of Alba de Monterrey and Gardens vaulted Mars
are just some of the many buildings that are still standing to bring the
seal of genius Crayven Reno staff. Most of the benefits
obtained from these reconstruction projects CrayArms invested in the
weapons and ammunition subsidiary wholly owned by the
Crayven Corporation.
However, Reno Crayven was more than just a builder and artist. Era
also a visionary. His dream was to not limit his talents to architecture
Earth and create whole worlds for the future. The discovery of the unit
2207 CTF interested him deeply, and for many years fought
obsessively against other CCM members to gain their secrets
technology. If your first business tactics are considered failures
scruples, the Reno Crayven this period could be considered absolutely
Machiavellian, but as always, it was impossible to formally accuse him of lack of
Ethics, as witnesses and plaintiffs had a strange habit of
die before they can testify against him. In the year 2231, when
diagnosed with a rare form of terminal bone cancer, many of his enemies
rubbed their hands and started counting his days.
But the end of Crayven Reno had not yet arrived. He had invested heavily in
Jump antigravity technologies. Since he had not long to live,
decided to risk everything he had earned over a lifetime of hard work and
safe investments for their biggest dream. His impending death, instead of
inspire a cautious consolidation or the need to repair the damage, he did
bolder in his ambition, and he had nothing to lose.
Unfortunately, the descendants of Crayven disagreed. While
Reno Crayven liquidated billions of dollars of assets of the corporation,
like all of his personal fortune to form a new subsidiary
Companies known as Crayven, their heirs, the children of his
Murielle Crayven stepsister, challenged his legacy waste that
looked forward. Reno Crayven answered his tactical control
company "family" ruthlessly crushing attempts to declare their disability and
removing them from his will. His eldest nephew, Julian Crayven, was ousted
as chairman of the Corporation Crayven, after his uncle
deprived of its majority of shares in the company. Never
Julian Crayven know if he intended to continue the battle against his uncle Reno.
He died in a plane crash two weeks after the signing of
Will modified, and since then his brothers decided that the
discretion was the main ingredient of value. They stopped interfering in the
the old plans, which continued with its new initiative unopposed.
Crayven took personal control of the new division, Business Crayven, and
set out a bold plan to build a project with land
Mars large scale. The result was the Vaulted Gardens, a paradise
of more than twenty-five square miles of forest to the old style
Earth. Full of waterfalls and crystal clear lakes, a weather system
self-sufficient and more than five million plant and animal species, this Eden
artificial became the crown jewel Crayven Corporation, and is
a demonstration of the theories associated with land in Reno
Crayven to an unprecedented scale. When passed the period set
six months to establish the viability of the Gardens, continued plans
forward with the colonization of the planet Vesta 3, better known among us
Ney world like Vesta precious.
Since Reno Crayven body was too fragile to survive the
rigors of interstellar travel, never got to see his dream realized by
planetologists, construction equipment and scientific groups Business
Crayven. Crayven died on Mars in 2237, a small pavilion in the center of
Vaulted Gardens. Currently, a simple granite obelisk stands
there, and shows a spotless steel plate with your name, date of
birth and date of death. It is the only memorial provided by your
During the nearly two hundred years after the landing of the first
soil conditioning equipment in Ney Vesta Corporation is Crayven
has spent trying to gain mastery of the stars. Has
seventeen colonies in fourteen different worlds, and countless
extraction facilities and mineral water in nearby asteroids and satellites.
Crayven specialization in terraforming and genetic engineering makes its
investment advisory services more valuable future I can do any
colonies aspiring creator. It is for this reason that the motto of Corporations
Crayven has not changed in 182 years: "We make new worlds are born."

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Ground Control review

Posted : 5 years, 2 months ago on 18 November 2012 03:50 (A review of Ground Control)

The Order tencología and tactics:
The Order of the New Dawn has possessed the technological advantage over the
corporations since the end of the Dark Ages, and even if that leadership has
been reduced over the centuries, the Pax Dei technology still exceeds
their adversaries. While most corporate forces is limited to
produce high-efficiency guns and gun electromagnetic catapults
heavy, the Order has used his mastery of physics to produce various weapons
beam and lightning generators. These energy weapons have a
stronger impact than the missiles of their adversaries and of course,
not have any limitation logistics and ammunition.
Manipulation technology
energy of the Order can be seen
also in the use of generators
antigravity propulsion
heavy armor units. This
generation of the Pax Hoverdyne
Dei currently used in the
campaigns are being tested in
combat for the first time. The
Hoverdyne units are much more
its rapid and manageable
equivalent, the Terraydyne, but today
for today I can carry both
It is possible that subsequent generations have generators Hoverdyne
antigravity more powerful, enabling them to carry heavier armor, but
of time, the armed units of the Pax Dei depend on the speed and
high firepower to resolve the battles as quickly as possible.
Regarding defense maneuvers, the Order used its speed
shield for quick raids against numerous supplies and
command centers, to halt its advance to retake the initiative.
Despite its reliance on high technology, the backbone of the Pax Dei continues
being propelled infantry. The infantry of the Order carries the weight of any
mission of attack or defense. When combined with the artillery
Order heavy, infantry colonization can overwhelm almost any
defense, and many corporate positions have succumbed to the flood
Pax Dei's human. Although these tactics are very expensive in staff,
training seminars Order produce more than one million infants
colonization of the solar year.
Among the advanced weaponry and brute human strength, the Pax Dei can
continue a campaign long after you start be
too expensive for the richest corporations

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Ground Control review

Posted : 5 years, 2 months ago on 18 November 2012 03:49 (A review of Ground Control)

The Order of New Esperamza most important is the creed of the earth, and if
compare with the financial strength of global corporations, is the
third in importance. The Order has about seven million
faithful, and their holdings extend from Mars to the ends of the
The Order is divided into major branches. The first is Manus Dei, "the hand
of God ", which is the largest group of faithful. Of the seven
million members of the Order, almost six hundred belonging to Manus Dei.
God's hands are the work force of the Order, both on Earth
and outside. They have studied all kinds of professions and trades, and many are
directly recruited from the ranks of other corporations. Although there are laws
related to the transfer of skilled labor between
corporations, religious conversion is free, and therefore the Manus Dei
constantly renewed with a regular influx of workers. Not
Order wonder actively engaged in trying to convert the
staff working on research projects of high technologies.
The second branch of the Order is much less numerous than Manus Dei,
but without it, it could be any of the other two. Pax Dei, "Peace
God "is a permanent security force of more than ninety
millions of men and women. These soldiers are the colonial armies
the New Dawn and are considered sacred defenders of faith, dedicated to
Order and protect their interests on Earth and throughout the galaxy. The
Pax Dei members provide policing and security to
Order settlement in fourteen planets at least, and are also
pilots and crew of each and every one of the ships belonging to
church. As inspired by the faith of the New Dawn, troops
Pax Dei have a very high moral factor in combat and often struggle to
death unless they order the withdrawal.
The third and final branch of the Order is Vox Dei, "the voice of God", the arm
spiritual church. Among Vox Dei members are the
Pastors, astronomers and Inquisitors. The Order only allows
men join the ranks of the Vox Dei, after many months of continuous
indoctrination. Pastors govern the Order and take all
strategic decisions, both economic and military. Astronomers
Holy priests are scientists of the Order and directed both
exploration of new worlds such as the investigation of new
technologies. The Inquisition is the internal police force of the Order and the division
espionage. Your task is to examine the internal and external threats
against the spiritual purity of the Order. A subdivision of the Inquisition
Pastors trains combat. These men accompany most
military units to observe the behavior in combat and
ensure that field commanders give orders
"Spiritually correct". The Vox Dei is the smallest of the three branches of
Order, with a membership of just over ten million.

His story is:
Little is known about the beginnings of the Order, founded in troubled times
before the War of Sixteen Minutes. Although it is believed that most
Order reports prewar survived intact to the conflict
nuclear March 27, 2093, is likely to be lost later.
At present we only know that the Order of New Hope was founded by
a small coalition of believers, united in a common cause for
the dark days of the end of the century. In anticipation of the impending cataclysm,
early followers were devoted to preserving as much technology and knowledge
as possible, so that arise after a New Dawn
Holocaust unavoidable. Many analysts have noted that if it had exploded
War of Sixteen Minutes Order would have been lost in the mists of
story, like many apocalyptic sects.
But he came to the civilized world, and the Order was ready. Or
even corporations, despite being at enmity with the Order
Currently, deny everything that humanity must. The most important of the
who saved the Order was the Liber Aurorae Novae, the Book of the New Dawn:
million books, recordings and images stored digitally, the
Order members decided to save the holocaust was coming. By
Of course, critics were quick to point out that this treasure was saved not only by
the good of humanity. Since 2177, the works on the L.A.N. is
found under salvage laws CCM, and are no longer considered the
public domain. The Church owns the copyrights in perpetuity of many
irreplaceable classic humanities and literature, and all readers
Cervantes, Dickens and Goethe must pay duties to the church.
Ancient Order also preserved the Specilegium Dei, "the record of species
God, "which consists of more than seven hundred thousand human tissue samples,
terrestrial plants and animals preserved cryogenically. There have been thousands
of thousands of copies of Spicelegium Dei since 2157, and scholars
Order of the Earth Europe (Sol 5B) and Proxima 3 continues with the work of
cataloging. It is unsurpassed as a reference library of genetic material
uncorrupted before the Age of Chaos.
Historians believe that underground shelters were opened in the Order
in 2097, only 48 months after the destruction of the Old World. Although
radiation levels were still dangerous, the faithful of the Order took
little realizing that the world had been destroyed
completely, and there were many survivors who needed help.
Although the opening of shelters was not scheduled until fifteen years later,
Order opened the door and returned to the surface soon, with the
hope of helping the millions of refugees and convert them to step
cause. During the last six months of hard nuclear winter, the church
established stations around the globe to provide shelter for
provisions homeless and share with those in need.
During the Age of Chaos, Order of the New Dawn built and fortified
More than one hundred and thirty Sanctuaries worldwide. These facilities were
many functions in Dangerous Years: caring for the sick and hungry,
provide refuge to the afflicted and destitute, educate youth and disseminate
the teachings of the Bible of the New Dawn. The most important function of the
Shrines, however, was to keep the peace. It was during this time that
Pax Dei was created, the military wing of the church. The Vox Dei and helped Manus Dei
to recover thousands of acres of farmland and implement carefully
breeding programs to re-produce many livestock species. Fortunately,
by faith or common sense, the Order emerged from the second Middle Ages
political and spiritual power predominant land.
Unfortunately for the long-term plans of the Order, although the War
Sixteen Minutes killed hundreds of millions of people, destroyed nearly all
major cities and nearly exterminate the human race, the long
twilight chaos was not enough to overcome many of the
major corporations. By the year 2157, several of these powerful
monsters emerged from the ashes and once again began to unite vast
extensions of the Earth in search of profits. When established new
Central Command World Order of the New Dawn considered it more a
organization of a true free trade regulatory body. This changed
when the CCM adopted the "containment religious Agreement", a powerful bloc
lawsuit against the influence of the order in economic affairs, supported by the
armed force of the security divisions of companies.
Despite their commitment to peace, the Order did not surrender easily, and war
open again left scars on the surface of the Earth when the Pax Dei
Business troops fought for control of multiple centers of power. The
Order and corporations battled again and again for seventeen years until
who in 2177 signed a unilateral armistice, when the World Court announced
that the Order would be allowed to incorporate their holdings. Although the power
Order was greatly reduced, and he was now subject to the same
laws applicable to corporations, still had much influence, and retained many
lands and cities they had conquered during the Dark Ages. From
then, the Order of the New Dawn has been a respected member of the
Onshore Exchange and a powerful corporation with all rules,
because it has many copyrights and patents of great value.
During the past two and a half centuries the Order care of their interests
peacefully has always been possible, but has not forgotten the lesson of
2157, and defends its interests with force when it is necessary.

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Miner Wars 2081 (Duplicate) review

Posted : 5 years, 2 months ago on 11 November 2012 03:42 (A review of Miner Wars 2081 (Duplicate))

The Solar Event of 2070

The Solar Event in 2070 changed the destiny of mankind for many generations to come. Apart of destroying billions of lives, most of the technology and production infrastructure of human civilization, the event also destroyed all planets and moons in our solar system, shattering them into pieces. It has shaken our very foundation and enabled more radical ideas and approaches to future expansion and exploration. Religious fanatics claimed it to be “an unfinished apocalypse”. Humanists and environmentalists pointed to an artificial way of life. But mankind was faltering, and political leaders used the new situation to strengthen their positions. Laws and regulations increased, leveraging more power to the same hands of those who already had it and thereby taking it from the socially weak.

The era before the Solar Event was often called the “Second Space Race”, (pointing to new widespread desire of nations, factions and corporations to take part in space colonization, mining operations and space industry) or the “Second Cold War” (pointing mainly to the new world division between the two superpowers – EAC and China – and the fellow supporters of one of those two – Russia, OmniCorp, India…).
And then, in 2070, fate brought us into a completely new world. A world built upon the ashes of our cities, our families and all the living beings on Earth. Project Genesis was launched, an experimental project designed by leading world scientists and industrialists as a solution to the increasing energy consumption and to provide the next step in the colonization of the vast universe. After nine years of thorough preparations and financial investments from the wealthy countries and corporations, the project was not only a failure – it nearly brought with it total destruction. The idea was to harness the energy of the sun directly for our own use. However, the experiment resulted in a massive solar disruption, leading to devastating and far-reaching waves of solar flares. More importantly, the experiment resulted in a temporary quantum change in gravitational laws and subatomic particle rotations within our solar system. Simply put, for a short time, the gravity quantum collapse tore all the larger objects within our solar system apart. Planets, moons and even larger asteroids and comets were fragmented into hundreds and thousands of pieces, creating new asteroid belts, marking the former orbits of planets. Together with the rest of the planets and moons, Earth was essentially destroyed.

The era after the Solar Event resembled the colonization of the new world by the Europeans and the later gold rush during the 18th-19th century in what became the United States. The world order was shaken and although those in power became even stronger, there was a completely new wind in all spheres of society: political, religious, economic, military... A whole new lifestyle resulted as well, since there was no longer solid ground to walk upon, nor the ability to harvest food supplies from the traditional farmlands of Earth. Mining the asteroids and planetary remains became necessary and it didn’t take long for this process to rule most of the economy. Biogenic farms and hydroponic domes were built onto the space stations and became the main source of food for the privileged few, while the vast majority was fed with artificial food substitutes.

Greed, prestige and desire for personal achievement dominated the new successful social class of privateers, freelancers and adventurers, who took fate into their own hands while standing alone and relied only on themselves to survive and thrive. Considering those same people were the best pilots, miners and entrepreneurs in the remaining human population, major factions and employers were forced to use their services and hire them for particular missions; be it military, mining, transportation or exploration. New societies and guilds soon emerged from this setting – organizations which offered services and advantages to their members and allegiants while enforcing only basic laws and regulations to their members, giving them the same degree of freedom all of us were striving for in those times. Some of those new freelancers decided to remain neutral and performed only occasional contract jobs while others decided to join and remain loyal to only one of these new groups; thus emerged the Space Traders Guild among those seeking the path of traders and businessmen. The famous Black Ravens were formed by the best mercenaries, combat pilots and navigators. Trade & Transport Ltd. and Space Mining Ltd. were formed as corporate counterweights to both independent freelancers and miners. Thus, the economic rectangle was formed.
Human action has always reflected the injustice and social struggles of its environment. Out of the bloody ashes of countless lost to the Event, a new dark setting arose to show us once again the animal clawing inside us. Of course there were Space Pirates even long before the Solar Event, but they were never so powerful and no one was ever scarred enough of them to consider them while planning operations in space, maybe apart of some peace seeking colonists with their families. However, the Solar Event scattered central power, weakened police forces, and the military had state matters to consider. In a few years, hundreds of pirate dens and hidden bases were formed and some of the groups numbering thirty, fifty or even more.
More importantly, an underground “mafia” network was formed, The Syndicate, mostly unknown before 2070, but emerging as an important influencer of politics in the 70’s, – The Syndicate, employing blackmail and corruption tactics to control important figures for their own agenda.

The rise of the Fourth Reich was yet another surprise, unexpected by any of the leading powers, but emerging almost instantly as a strong and vital rival to EAC and China. The movement began behind closed doors among (mostly German) Nazi circles and industrialists and did not make its presence known in public until 2070. However, many of the members and leaders of the upcoming Reich had secretly invested heavily into space colonization, mining and orbital facilities before the Solar Event, so although minor and unimportant in the pre-solar event times, once the new world appeared, the Reichists declared their own state with thousands of supporting citizens. What remains an unanswered question is whether they knew of the potential danger and prepared for the Solar Event in advance, since they were the ones who definitely benefited the most. By the time the Solar Event occurred, many of their officers, researchers and military had already moved into space, causing much controversy afterward. Some believe this conspiracy theory to be true. Others argue that they were merely preparing to create an empire of their own, far from the reach of the Earth bound politics – and when the crash of the Genesis project occurred, they simply realized their plans a bit earlier. Be that as it may, what remains sure is the current state of affairs: the Nazis renounced their traditional racist ideology for the sake of pursuing Maulerian Eugenics (which cared more about individual genome potential and vital abilities of the man rather than factual race or skin color). This de-radicalization brought many great and successful minds and achievers among their ranks under a common goal: to create the best society, raise the most perfect population, organize the social structure according to scientific principles and – last but not the least – use the latest technological advances in the fields of genetics and cybernetics to utilize their human potential to its fullest.

Slavery emerged once again. New world order widened the social gaps between the rich and the poor. The major key to this differentiation was whether or not one was successful in gaining influence over some group or otherwise making themselves useful and needed. The secondary determining factor was whether or not the group had access to a spaceship or any other kind of space premises in their possession. Thus there was the class of the successfully employed, the class of the independent space runners and the rest - those who were eating the food rations, breathing the air, occupying the living quarters. Some of them joined the outlaw groups while others fell into the dirt of slum life, suicides, prostitution and even slavery. Many humans were simply content to work day and night without a salary, just for the sake of having a sip of water and a bit of artificial soup, and were willing to do mostly anything. Slavery soon institutionalized and became legal in some of the factions, while others claimed it to be a backward step and pointed to basic human freedoms. Within the economic slave society, a new type of war slave emerged thanks to advances in biological research. Protein Specific Poison became highly popular, allowing the slave-masters or conquerors to employ a specially designed poison within the victim or target groups of bodies which became highly addicted and would require small amounts of the specific protein antidote every several hours in order to survive. The process of synthesizing the poison from protein only worked in one direction, so if the slaves were possibly freed and medically treated, even the technologically advanced laboratories of OmniCorp or FSRE would be unable to create an antidote based on the imprints of the poison found in the slave’s body.
The new era for mankind has begun - a time where only the brave and strong survive.
From the Chronicles of 21st Century (2079)
Arthur Higgins (2016-2079)

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Bang! Gunship Elite review

Posted : 5 years, 2 months ago on 11 November 2012 03:20 (A review of Bang! Gunship Elite)

Since there are many different types of space-combat simulations, some are often lumped into the category that have very little in common with other games in the genre. For instance, some developers aim to make epics like the Wing Commander series, while others try to make simpler, arcade-like shooters set in space. Red Storm's Bang! Gunship Elite definitely falls into the latter category: It tries to draw you in with its graphics and fast action, though it's weakened by its simple story and repetitive gameplay.

Like many other space combat games, Gunship Elite looks great. Although the background images are simply two-dimensional bitmaps, Red Storm added a few effects to make the game look more appealing. Many enormous background objects such as planets and gas clouds almost look three-dimensional. Various effects like blinding lens flares and numerous polygonal asteroids are also in abundance to make the surrounding environment seem more realistic. However, the actual ship models are not very complex. Each ship has a distinctly rectangular or blocky look, which was apparently necessary in order to accommodate the large number of ships that can appear onscreen at once. In addition, with the exception of the hellfire and the stasis cannon weapons, which both fire with impressive effects, Gunship Elite's weapons are disappointing. Most of the weapons just fire simple projectiles or balls of light that really don't convey any sense of increasing strength.

While Gunship Elite is pleasant to look at, other aspects of the game suffer from a pronounced lack of depth. Gunship Elite's story is nothing but a series of mission objectives strung together with an incredibly boring and poorly voiced prologue explaining that you're fighting to protect a valuable resource from the Sektar and its allies, the Morgoths. Whatever semblance of a plot there is in Gunship Elite ends abruptly with the final decisive battle, which is merely narrated to you by the same monotone voice actor. It's anticlimactic to say the least: You fight the majority of the battles yourself, only to be left out of the final decisive confrontation. If you expect a story to help lend some purpose to playing through a game, don't expect Gunship Elite to deliver.

Although you'll have to sit back and watch the final battle, Gunship Elite does at least offer plenty of action up to that point. Gunship Elite resembles an arcade shooter more than a typical PC space combat simulation, even though the game has its share of escort and specific-target missions that fans of traditional space combat sims will recognize. The challenge in a typical mission consists of swarm after swarm of enemies hurling themselves at you while you attempt to complete the objectives. While this keeps the action going at a quick pace, dealing with so many enemies can become quite frustrating and redundant. You'll spend several long minutes taking out the first few waves of enemy ships, and by that time you'll want to get the mission over with. The problem is you can't, because the enemy ships just keep on coming. Except for a few stages, you'll have to spend a large portion of time taking out the enemy ships before you can complete the rest of the mission. Since your foes come in large batches, detecting each individual ship on the radar can take some getting used to. Fortunately, after a few battles you should be able to read the radar without much trouble.

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