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Archimedean Dynasty review

Posted : 5 years, 6 months ago on 11 November 2012 02:14 (A review of Archimedean Dynasty)

Back in the early nineties, before games were approved by committee, and when new and innovations were not only allowed, but encouraged, Blue Byte software, famed for its medieval resource-management game Settlers, and turn-based war-game series Battle Isle, suddenly began diversifying its games line-up with fantastically playable results. Out of this strange and mystifying decision came some of the best games of the time. One of the most engrossing and brilliantly executed of these was Archimedean Dynasty, a unique simulation of underwater combat. In the game, you play as Jake Gaston, an experienced, well-travelled and well-known mercenary who has had a recent run in with bad luck, as shown in the intro movie. While guarding a supply convoy of a rather dubious nature, he is attacked by a vastly superior foe??? One of his old girlfriends, in fact. After blowing up his ship and stealing the cargo, she is nice enough to pick up- well, it's either an escape pod or the remains of his cockpit, either way, you won't be getting second chances like this in the game proper. Anyway, she hauls you back to civilisation, which, regardless of just having had your ship blown out from under you, is something to be grateful for, considering that the bottom of the ocean is an environment only slightly less hostile than hard vacuum. Back at one of the undersea habitats, you are supplied with a new ship by your current employer, the slightly mysterious El Topo, and so begins your journey through the world of Aqua. The game is set in the obligatory post nuclear-holocaust ravaged Earth, except these people seem to have had it a bit worse than most. After the war, not only was the entire surface of the Earth completely ravaged and nuclear winter set in, but a thick radioactive crust has settled over the surface of the oceans, trapping the survivors in underwater habitats with no way to ever return to the daylight. The interface of Archimedean Dynasty is a simple one. You are presented with a screen showing one of the underwater habitats, with various locations highlighted with clickable text. Clicking on these will generally get you a location window with, hopefully, a few names you can talk to. These people will often have missions for you when approached in the right way, some will be people you have to meet, some will just be there for plot exposition and comic relief. But the most important of them are the people who you have to meet to get your paycheck.As a mercenary, it is up to you to maintain your ship and weapons. As I mentioned, you start the game after a little run-in with bad-luck, and this continues when you find out that El Topo has also had some hard time lately and, well, basically you start the game piloting a bucket. There's no nice way of putting it, really. Before and after each mission, you'll want to find the local arms dealer who can sell you new guns, torpedoes, torpedo racks, various other goodies, and who can also repair your ship. This is where all of your hard-earned cash goes. Don't worry about buying new ships, this is handled for you at various stages of the game. As a submarine-sim, Archimedean Dynasty does its job very well. The little one-man craft you pilot is brilliantly handled, with heavy turning and proper undersea handling (aquadynamics?) of speed and gravity. You use a sonar system and you therefore give off a certain amount of noise depending on the setup of your ship. There are a number of stealth missions in the game which depend on having a very quiet setup, and certain missiles will give a sonar, rather than a visual lock, and can be distracted by quiet ships firing loud "Noisemaker" torpedoes. You'll find a good selection of enemies in Archimedean Dynasty, from fast, numerous scout-ships, to heavy bombers, which can rip your hull to shreds in mere seconds. There are also turrets and a few capital ships to defend against??? and then there are the religious fanatics, and the Japanese, and then there is something else entirely :) All in all, Archimedean Dynasty is an engrossing and beautiful game. You will truly come to feel for these people, as they struggle to keep their lives in order while facing deep-sea pirates, air shortages, deep-sea pressures and the occasional volcanic eruption. You will see the beauty of the simple things in life and you will visit the lowest and the very highest points of their society. You will know your own place in the great scheme of the civilisation of Aqua, but as a mercenary, you'll always be on the lookout for the next big payoff. There are only two real criticisms I can level at the game: First of all, you don't take any damage from hitting the seabed. Not that I'm complaining about that, because torpedoes DO take damage from it, and I've had my life saved more than once after my decoys have run out by blindly heading for the ocean floor and hoping that the torpedoes will hit it before they hit me. It's just that, with all of the complicated physics going on in the background, it's a bit of an oversight to make. The other problem is money. You're never really short enough to have to worry about it, but there are times when you have to make hard decisions about whether to get another missile or two, or to patch your hull back up. You really get the feeling that you're responsible for your ship. But at the end of the game, when you are very much in demand by the various sides, they reduce all prices to 1/10th of what they were and tell you to help yourself. Which means that you lose that aspect of the game right at the end. Again, it works well with the plot, so it's not a big problem, but it just makes the game lose a little of its edge. All in all, I cannot recommend this game highly enough, especially if you still have a working 3dfx card, as there was eventually an updated graphics patch, which looked brilliant for its time. Note: Massive Entertainment is hard at work on AquaNox, the sequel to this superb sim. Definitely one to watch out for, and our early candidate for potential underdog :) Stop by the official site to check on the game's progress.

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Philadelphia review

Posted : 5 years, 6 months ago on 10 November 2012 03:02 (A review of Philadelphia )

Notable drama from director Jonathan Demme ("The Silence of the Lambs") which tells the story of a young lawyer prestigious and is fired when contracting AIDS, but the reasons do not seem entirely clear.

The story and the script itself are somewhat gullible, but with the help of a great director like Demme and two actorazos such as Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks (the latter is moving, without doubt one of the best performances in the history of film) is achieved an emotional and overwhelming drama that has us on edge for the entire tape.

Got two Oscars in 1993: Best Actor for Tom Hanks (something unprecedented for being a homosexual role) and best song for the splendid "Streets of Philadelphia" by Bruce Springsteen.

Philadelphia is an honest story about one of those topics that the USA does not like commercial cinema. It is noteworthy that in the approach avoids the sordidness or morbid, noting how the disease affects the human and social aspect, especially resulting rejection of ignorance, and with particular emphasis on the struggle for dignity.

Tom Hanks, great actor though prototype of political correctness, risks in a difficult role, and does a masterful performance in reaching the remembered sequence shudder La mamma morta ringing voice of Maria Callas with all its grandeur and passion, as the camera enters inside a wounded soul.

The bottom line: the balanced yet forceful staging of such a sensitive issue like AIDS. Moreover at the time, even more so in a homosexual. And the fact that it is a film with big stars, produced by a major studio is very important when addressing a message of complaint to the discrimination suffered by so many people suffering from the virus. Because at the end of the day, if the film is a little gem but not seen by almost no one reporting that work is paralyzed despite its artistic merits. In my opinion, the main value of Philadelphia is put on the table, the retinas enfente the general public so delicate topic. And do it with a commercial film, yes, but also quality. Now, do you really cinema, art in general, has the ability to raise awareness, to make it move for what they believe just after viewing a work? Regrettably I doubt it. A particular work may help a minority made aware about a certain subject, and that is an achievement, but make no mistake, never move masses. Even so, I think in this case provide visibility than hitherto lacked the subject seems worthy of admiration. Recently published statements by the Archbishop of Brussels, head of the Church in Belgium, claiming that AIDS is an act of "justice". When even arise from time to time reviews as this it is clear that we have not advanced much in the issue of the acceptance of the disease. Not to mention the great work that the Catholic Church does encourage the pandemic in Africa. I'm a demagogue and I will burn in hell for atheist and Freemason, but not the issue.
I said before that Philadelphia is a typical Hollywood film scores. And it is. But as in the typical westerns, comedies or typical, in this case also there are good or bad. And I think Philadelphia is closer to the former. Despite its flaws. It would have appreciated a greater risk in the formal. That also would have avoided an underscore constant ideas involved and captures the viewer and so insistently without: the rejection of the sick, homophobia recalcitrant

Thirty years ago no one knew what AIDS was. Disease even had that name. In the eighties, everything changed ... a new disease came to light. Homosexuals, sure to have fewer problems than heterosexual safe sex, were the first humans who were massively disease diagnosis. They soon discovered that the disease was actually a virus that is transmitted by blood and attacking both heterosexuals and homosexuals. In fact its impact on communities of drug users who shared needles was very high. However, due to social conditioning and propaganda of the time, the disease was known long pink like the plague. Many of these prejudices still remain today.

Knowing all this, we have to move now to the nineties to objectively judge this film. At that time AIDS was still in his early years of study. Their mortality was high. And being a person with the disease will automatically crossed out of society, making the infected nearly died in life. To underline this discrimination at the beginning of the decade to tolerate homosexuals are much less than now. And if it was found that in addition to being sick, you were homosexual, the consequences were dire. Besides all these above points have to highlight one of the merits of the film. Today it is very common to see productions where homosexual love shown factly. But at that time the most common reaction to these scenes was strong hatred and repulsion

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The Tiger and the Snow review

Posted : 5 years, 6 months ago on 4 November 2012 10:14 (A review of The Tiger and the Snow)

I liked. I thought to go see a movie lacking, without much importance and I found a great film, full of strength, anger and above all a moral and acidic criticism of government Bush and the war in Iraq.
After the great "Life is Beautiful", comes to the Spanish film by Benigni (since "Pinocchio" is unprecedented among us) who achieve registration without changing blend seamlessly and as said earlier in the film comedy paced drama and an excellent soundtrack, also very similar to the movie trioscarizada.
Reno's presence gives dynamism to the action, which appears mostly Benigni and Braschi, whose presence fills the screen alone.
The script is almost perfect and proper development. However, note lack a script far more witty and ironic and especially poignant as once was "Life is Beautiful". But also good to get one like that took more than 100 years since the invention of cinema, so in just 8 Benigni brings another movie good, not perfect, which does not know whether to give it an 8 or a 9. I was reluctant to give an envelope, and would match mitiquísimas classics and movies, so maybe over the years ...

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The Sitter review

Posted : 5 years, 6 months ago on 4 November 2012 10:05 (A review of The Sitter)

Mediocre comedy that the great Jonah Hill saved from total disaster to make it a passable product. Children also help the function to be entertaining as they are fairly well characterized. The biggest problem is the script and the situations that occur, as they try to be funny without being able to get it, and that's the worst thing that can happen to a comedy, and that they have been left with resorting to profanity or sexual jokes to liven up the show.

For his part thanked the small role that Leon de 'Curby Your Enthusiasm', as it is to see it and break out laughing. In short, a film mediocre, but for a boring summer afternoon not far out of tune. If you want to see a movie about a crazy night in NY I recommend 'After Hours' Scorsese teacher.

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Mulan (1998) review

Posted : 5 years, 6 months ago on 4 November 2012 09:44 (A review of Mulan (1998))

Mulan is one of the most epic classic and atypical Disney, first because it seems to appeal to a more adult audience, featuring the exploits of a hero in the army and in the battle, secondly because a little resignation enormous charisma characters to which we are accustomed Disney classics, by enhancing the history and majesty of the tape.

However, the touch of humor, you can not miss in any classic, bring the dragon Mushu and Mulan's fellow soldiers will cause us many laughs, unpayable training sequences, although generally not the most hilarious classic . The Oscar-nominated soundtrack is another strong point of the film and follows up perfectly from the battle of life at home Mulan.

Surely, few placed in the top positions in their personal ranking Disney classics, but what is clear is that the film has a more pleasant viewing without excessive sentimentality songs or even a redundant love story, but telling a beautiful story of adventure and personal growth with excellent animation, several emblematic moments and colorful unsurpassed.

Best: Mulan training.
Worst: the enemy does not go down in history as villains.

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The Divide review

Posted : 5 years, 6 months ago on 4 November 2012 06:29 (A review of The Divide)

The film was shot in chronological sequence accurate, considering that all the characters should be losing weight gradually.

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The Divide review

Posted : 5 years, 6 months ago on 4 November 2012 06:27 (A review of The Divide)

Xavier Gens, director of the wonderful Frontiers and sidereal Hitman truño back last year with this shocking The Divide, generating many conflicting views in the last festival of Sitges.? Genius or joke?
I opted for the first two hours opcion.Vaya Pegaditas the armchair to experience the other dia.Impagables.

Just as in the movie starts Frontiers so caotica.Una series of explosions forced a group of neighbors to lower refuge in a bunker to the enigmatic character of Michael Biehn created under the building where they live.
From there, hell.
"Man is wolf to man." A phrase that comes in handy to The Divide.La movie is harsh, cruel, an ode to pesimismo.Pone shown how we can be assholes overvoltage situations where survival takes on a role.
The actors are perfect, especially Michael Biehn, Milo Ventimiglia, and Lauren German.
The soundtrack is also very good and perfectly accompanies the shocking sequences that populate the film:

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Lockout review

Posted : 5 years, 6 months ago on 4 November 2012 05:29 (A review of Lockout)

The French action film, far from co-productions like the Transporter series, is usually quite limited in terms of inventiveness. To try to renew the genre are already Americans. Specifically is perhaps Luc Besson (coincidentally also the architect of the aforementioned trilogy) the more committed European who move to a more suitable spot. Virtually any action film "made in Europe" seems to pass through his hands.
Replacing Jason Statham as a hero, may sound quite trite, Besson has chosen to take another Briton, Guy Pearce, rare tape of the genre, but has made his first steps. The actor does not develop bad at all (not that much is required) and hopefully you see the tables and try to build a rogue character, ironic, somewhat rebellious, but deep commitment to what he does.
His "pole" is always fragile opposite Maggie Grace (who'll be seen opposite Liam Neeson in Revenge 2: Connecting Istanbul). His role leaves no doubt that it is practically the hook of the film. A woman must become more human and, to achieve what they never even think could achieve. It's not much, but at least it's correct place.
MS1: Maximum security meets clichés, platitudes and little shocking scenes (also interesting) that could make it a curious production, at least interesting to watch. Assuming that your story would to tape something more elaborate, the film does not go away after a dizzying paths and presentation puts us in a position to minute.
Technically, we are not just at a prodigy in terms of special effects (very forgettable the motorcycle chase, closer to a video game to film), but the action scenes are well resolved and even some footage in space outside could also weigh some unknown American productions punteras.Los Mather and St. Leger, virtually debut in cinema with this pastiche of action where either lack the effort that it is not all in one simple hodgepodge of scenes of shootings, fights and others. At least can become a tape to see, hang out and forget about it. Nor is their intention to pass into history.

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Lockout review

Posted : 5 years, 6 months ago on 4 November 2012 05:26 (A review of Lockout)

The plot revolves around a prison experimental MS1 located in the space and which are the most dangerous prisoner planet. To prevent possible riots are put in a state of "lethargy" that do not cause any problems. All goes well until there is the daughter of U.S. President to check the effects hibernation leave convicts. That's when there is a riot of such dimensions that need the help of "Snow" a convict accused of espionage (Guy Pearce), to save the President's daughter.

Regarding the cast, there is no doubt that the entire burden is on Guy Pearce ("Prometheus", 2012) who plays Marion Snow, a former government agent accused of a crime he did not commit. With a burly physique and great skill and intelligence to successfully achieve what is proposed, will have to save the President's daughter if you want your accusations are erased. Joseph Gilgun ("Misfits", 2009) brings to life a psychopath uncontrolled Hydell to abide by the orders of his brother Alex, the prisoner who lead the mutiny. Correct interpretation of achieving Gilgun characterize a heinous and barbaric character.

Remarkable is the opening sequence (which also appears in the trailer) that appears in the foreground Pearce that appear in the credits as will be beaten by swearing that come to mind. Also within and without you would be very strict, the few outer space sequences are viewed as assemblies or modules MS1 own view from outside, are very well done.

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Captain America: The First Avenger review

Posted : 5 years, 6 months ago on 2 November 2012 12:56 (A review of Captain America: The First Avenger)

Fun Facts:
• Captain America: The First Avenger focuses on the early days of the Marvel universe that was later inhabited by heroes like Iron Man, Hulk and Thor.
• Captain America first appeared in a comic book in March 1941, eight months before the United States entered World War II.
The magazine cover was the young hero with the American flag on his chest jaw hitting Adolf Hitler. This picture created problems for their creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.
In 1941 the creators of the comic book worked backwards, starting with the villain and inventing a hero in response when the hero is usually first.
• Simon and Kirby designed several versions of Captain America finally choosing one you liked Marvel founder Martin Goodman in 1939.
 In 1963 Marvel Comics published The Avengers, a group of four Marvel superheroes: Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Captain America.
• Captain America was created two decades earlier than the other three super heroes who were created in the 1960s.
Since its debut has sold over 210 million copies of comic books Captain America in over 70 countries.
 Marvel Studios presents by reason of its 70th anniversary the story of how Steve Rogers became the first Avenger, Captain America.
• The screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have written scripts for 15 years, including three films from The Chronicles of Narnia and were selected to write this film.
Joe Johnson who shared an Oscar for best visual effects for Raiders of the Lost Ark, using the technical aspects for this movie.
• The writers read all the comic books published by Marvel Captain America appears to write the story.
hris Evans focused on how the comic was the transformation of Captain America to interpret.
• For the role of Dum Dum Dugan, Neal McDonough actor had to gain weight for the role of the obese character, had to eat lots of chocolate cakes.
• The designer Ryan Meinerding and costume designer Anna B.Shepperd, taking as reference the 70 years of comic books to find a balance that would satisfy fans.
• Anna B Sheppard has credits on films like Schindler's List, The Informant, The Pianist, Inglourious Basterds.
Chris Evans had to train physically for weeks to achieve physical perfection.
• To characterize the actor Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, had to create a mold of his face to make a prosthesis in order to get the look without appearing bone Johann had burned.
• It took about 3 ½ hours a day to put the prosthesis for interpretation Hugo Weaving as Red Skull. Computer graphics images were used to apply the final details and remove the nose of Weaving. Seven pieces used silicone covers that applied to your skin, and then aggregated painting and makeup.
Hugo Weaving worked between 14 and 15 hours a day with prosthetics on his face.
• The fabric for the costume of Captain America was ballistic nylon, a nylon fabric reinforced rubber covered durable, strong and capable of containing saturated colors and ease of movement
The shield is a creative design and illustrator Joe Simon, and is built with vibranium (a metal fictional Marvel universe) that is stronger than steel but much lighter. The material has the ability to absorb all the vibrations around them, so when it hits the shield, there are no repercussions.
• Four different shields are manufactured and used during shooting, the original or hero, one light, one of rubber and another rubber thin soft and all were used in different ways. Chris used the original for close-ups and alternated between the other three shields, depending on what is needed at the scene.
• Captain America: The First Avenger was filmed largely in the UK, at Shepperton Studios in Surrey and on location in Manchestar and Liverpool, Caerwent in Wales, Aldershot, Black Park in Buckinghamshire and studies in London and Hackney Empire Pinewood in Buckinghamshire.
 Production designer Rick Heinrichs, who also work in The Wolfman, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and At World's End, and awarded the Oscar for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, adapted to the British foreign places often do Americans, using alterations and additions practices and scans.
Anna Sheppard designed the costumes for the entire cast and more than 300 extras in some scenes.
• The military adviser Billy Budd, with over 15 years experience in the Royal Navy helped all players teaching them how to use weapons and military equipment.
The filmmakers also joined military personnel in high-action scenes.
• They got weapons of World War II.
• The stunt coordinator Steve Den helped sequences security and helped create the exploits of Captain America, including foot chase at high speed after processing.
• The special effects supervisor Christopher Townsend created the look of Steve Rogers before his transformation into a skinny man, slimming from his face, head, using a thinner body double.
Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter) is also an ex-husband rigorously trained to shoot a gun as credibly as a machine gun.
It has a library of over 8,000 characters.
Since 1988 Marvel's films have grossed over $ 6.5 billion.
• Marvel Entertainment is currently working on The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Spider-Man 4, Deadpool and Ant-Man.

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