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Falling Down review

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 20 April 2013 03:18 (A review of Falling Down)

First thing in the morning. Rush Hour, for more detail. Searing heat. I gather there is no air conditioning in the car. Dress shirt and tie, short hair, almost military and black-rimmed glasses that give a true intellectual air. It's in a monumental traffic jam on the highway. One might think that it will work, but does not work for a month. He just wants to go home ... and we are preventing. Who? Everyone. In his own way. The truth is not a very smart choice to cross his path. Today is a Day "silly". One of those days where one wrong answer can make you lose the few nerves that remain. And it takes to lose. D-FENS.

This is the first impression I have when I see the first three minutes of the film. Michael Douglas says nothing. And yet, says it all.

Do not want to reveal too much of the plot, only that it is a film that prefers to messages.

Douglas plays a man who has lost everything because, in part, feels special propensity toward violence. Funny, but I never found the most violent character of the film. His fury is, say, "defensive." It is their way of responding to violence that beats in every corner of the street. His form of revenge on society that has polite.

The film raises a number of situations in which Douglas has a chance to awaken the demon within, proving to be a victim and monster at a time, while sowing chaos throughout the city attracting her trail to a peculiar police investigator who is in his last day of work (Robert Duvall).

I recommend it in general. I think it's a film that deserves to be seen, not only by the great performance by Michael Douglas, but by the memorable sequences that take place throughout the film (see what you can do a maniac in a burger with a TEC-9 ). And again, look at his message. It would be a 10 if I did not have an ending as conventional.

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The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack review

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 14 April 2013 01:04 (A review of The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The music for me is a passion created from the depths of the soul and the darkness, the raven represents an act of justice, revenge covered not easy to define, because I have suffered the penalty themselves and others and that pain has no limits

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The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack review

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 14 April 2013 01:02 (A review of The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The warrior souls who seek justice at all costs are known as crows, capable of changing the world for better or for worse, I have seen good people doing bad things and bad gnete doing good things in this world of shadows and ghosts sides not yet defined, but the convictions if

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Darkman review

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 2 April 2013 02:52 (A review of Darkman)

Sam Raimi undertook his assault on Hollywood with this excellent action thriller, where he maintained his characteristic style brands getting both a fully commercial product and some spectacular.

Based on a screenplay by Chuck Pfarrer good that integrates elements of classical tragedy (the emotional and impossible love story between the two main characters), the horror film from Universal (disfigured scenes ¨ ¨ monster in his lair), and tormented superhero comics (with a score ¨ ¨ reminiscent of Danny Elfman too much to work for Burton's Batman) without losing cohesion dramatic Raimi imposes a breakneck pace to the narrative and visual unleashes his usual frenzy, using all kinds of formal resources when designing the magnificent action sequences (as cartoonescas and exciting as in his three previous works, but with a vastly superior budget, like for instance the helicopter chase hilarious).

The two main characters (a very popular yet Liam Neeson and Frances McDormand) is credible and it certainly makes the viewer empathize, and Larry Drake semidesconocido made a superb villain who gives a menacing and powerful presence. On the technical side, say the makeup is excellent and provides a terrifying the lead character, but the visual effect, once considerable, have become somewhat outdated. Rounding out the play, the end is fully satisfactory and courageous, morally ambiguous, and gives us a tremendous cameo by Bruce Campbell (malicious puja by the director to the producers, who did not admit the first proposal to hire his friend Bruce as protagonist of the film).

In summary, we can say yes to the first two parts of Evil Dead ¨ and ¨ ¨ ¨ Crimewave American director established himself as a talented visual juggler holder black humor bombproof, Darkman served, in addition to open a gap between the big studios, to be confirmed as a storyteller of the first order, getting one of the most entertaining action films, enjoyable and compact 90. Fully Recommended

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The Man in the Iron Mask review

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 2 April 2013 02:45 (A review of The Man in the Iron Mask)

Good, very good this new version of "the man in the iron mask", for me the best ever made​​. I guess a lot of blame for this lies with the star cast that is, the direction. A film that is more entertaining, the director manages slope having the viewer of the display continuously, no fluctuations throughout, achieving a total antención. More remarkable direction. As for the performances to say. Even the names of the protagonists themselves enough. John Malkovich, Depardiu Gerar, Jeremy Irons, are big stars who have already proved everything on film and here again show part of his great talent with impeccable performances only. The star, Leonardo DiCaprio, what about him. It's a movie star and his youth. Ised two roles in this film, which is very difficult considering that the two characters are twins, but makes the viewer realize at all times of who is who and why is not easy. The final film is very good, is a new adaptation of the famous book very well performed by all. A greeting.

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Léon: The Professional review

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 2 April 2013 02:41 (A review of Léon: The Professional)

The Professional (Léon) 'is an action movie very well shot, although in a very particular, considerably violent and somewhat entertaining. It has a touch of humor and is based on the charisma of its performers, more like visual impact as complete performances. But the element that makes it stand out is the inclusion of that child and teenager, going from innocent to move like a real Lolita causing the adult character and feelings in the viewer knows to refuse. That courage when living on the border in the moral, not only sexual issue, but for the exercise carefree of criminality on the part of some supposed "good". If you can choose the viewing, highly recommend the extended version, but can be rather long, has a sense that the topping-or, we might say, without departing far from reality, "censored"-is lost almost complete. After all these years, the film still looks great and probably still the most enjoyable of Besson.

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The Crow review

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 2 April 2013 02:39 (A review of The Crow)

The Raven "is a perfect film in terms of production. But it is impossible to separate the tragic event that led to the death of Brandon Lee, the protagonist. This inevitably adds a feeling of depression and sadness that is surprisingly essentially captured by the film.

"The Raven" is also sentimental about where you see him. The Director Proyas Alexander undertook to inject life itself through dialogues of all types, memorable performances, and unforgettable images.

The look is a little gothic and neo-noir, which perfectly captures the theme and concepts. The camera angles and editing are first-rate. We have a talented director who knows how to do their job by providing a unique style.

The gothic atmosphere is brilliant, totally captures the feeling of the event. We scenes brilliantly sinister scenarios so obscure that it is impossible not to feel part of them. Thanks to photography that presents a major role shadows and dark scenes but "on" (as the antrum), we are part of a sunken Edison for its criminals. The love story also serves as part of vital importance since it is the one that handles the actions of the protagonist.

This story, specifically the script, could be seen as directly as our avenger Terror comes from the grave to avenge his death and that of his fiancée. But the way it is decorated with beautiful images, poetic tone, and the explanation of how the crow is the link to the world of the living with the dead, which generates all becomes a kind of myth.
The flashback scenes are truly important and is one of the clearest examples of how this resource when properly performed, performs excellently to explain why the feelings that border Eric to "return". These moments seem a grunge MTV Video noventero but more violent and explicit. Seeing a woman being raped wedding dress is very 90's rock but not pleasant.

There are moments I will never forget. For me, the most poetic and symbolic moment is when Eric walking in the street watches as several children in Halloween costumes walking in slow motion towards him. Eric smiles broadly and as if this scene was of great satisfaction to him. Totally radiant and emotional moment. I put the hair "Chinamen". The word "haunting" in English describes best what I mean.

Another sequence totally emotional, sad but powerful is when Shelly is dressed in white and stands next to Eric when he is on top of his grave. Moment ghostly and radiant. I could not help feeling choked throat. Totally romantic but in an unconventional way.

The way Eric turns the figure of a raven on the floor is bright. Without words.

The criminals meeting in which Eric bursts is the style of a John Woo film. Vibrant shootout with humor.

All death scenes through which Eric exacts revenge are made to perfection. You'll feel relieved deserved it takes its revenge.
Style also places "The Pit", a place underground rock seemed vibrant. It gives a special style to the story is very dark but also reminds us that we are in the 90's. Pure grunge.

Nor go unnoticed times when Eric comes out of nowhere to talk with the police and with Sarah, especially when she doubt that he still wants.

The outcome seems to deserve more intensity but still satisfying.

The acting is just brilliant. Brandon Lee gives a sublime performance, powerful, the way we live and relive moments of extreme sadness and anger, and how you choose to hunt their killers is pure adrenaline for the hearing. I live with him. It seems that he knew his death was near and therefore the importance of this role is historic. He was born for this role. I'll never forget.

Even call me crazy, but I think his performance greatly influenced by that of Heath Ledger, starring The Joker, The Joker in "The Dark Knight". Christopher Nolan certainly took some tips from this movie.

Rochelle Davis as Sarah is only good. The girl I think I could give a more complex role. I liked his relationship with Eric and the Detective. A child is the purest expression of innocence in a plot so dark.

Ernie Hudson is perfect in his role of Police. Sure, the guy adds comic relief and thanks to the typical cliches of police-black-funny. Her relationship with Eric breaks the tension a bit and that's always good. The moment you have contact with Eric for the first time I find a delight. The way the camera moves around with Police bluesy music in the background seemed tremendous. I also think that "The Dark Knight" I copied some moments this partnership between the protagonist and the police, as with Batman and Gordon. Like when Eric disappears without warning and the cop says "I like to do that", or something similar.

I liked Jon Polito as Gideon dirty, who has a memorable moment to talk to Eric, after reading an excerpt from "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe.

Michael Wincott gives a special definition of the word "cool". I like his look and his voice intimidating. The hair is a bit ridiculous but his personality looming gives a special touch as the main villain. Good use of a samurai sword!. His words "Greed is for amaterus. Disorder, chaos, anarchy. That's fun." are the perfect description of a criminal of his stature.

Bai Ling is fantastic and I appreciate the fact that you wear that show her curvaceous figure and sexy. His role is of little consequence as the goth girl but hey, it is explained by the relationship of the crow with life and death.

Sofia Shinas not have much screen time but her beauty and personality are truly intriguing mystery, attention.

David Patrick Kelly, Angel David, Michael Massee, and Laurence Mason stand out as sadistic criminals who are after the object of Eric's revenge. The types look like some real idiots saying things like "let's burn everything" and celebrate. When they encounter the karma, the fun is set aside. Very good actors!.

Tony Todd, best known as Candyman, has a small role but their presence is impossible to ignore. Always comply with their cameos.

The values ​​shown little succor that this film are revenge and justice, justifiably applied according to the basic rules of life and death.

The action is tremendous, plain and simple, but very good. We explosions, bullets, fire, etc. There is everything for which we love to share.

The music soundtrack is great thanks to the rocker. We vibrant rock tunes with artists like The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Violent Femmes, and Stone Temple Pilots, who provide "Big Empty", the winning song as best song on the MTV Movie Awards 1994.

"The Raven" is a film that will capture your attention and mesmerize you and then get involved in their world. Be tempted by her pictures, colors, light, dark, and sound.

Negatives?? Probably Eric absurd power to see through the mind of Detective. What the fuck are seeing "Ghost: The Shadow of Love?". I would have also liked to know a bit more about Top Dollar, totally interesting character that had more potential. Anyway, these are details that can easily ignore.

A perfect film as I mentioned, it is inevitable that you generate sadness. But in the end you will be fully satisfied. A unique experience.

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Gladiator review

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 2 April 2013 02:30 (A review of Gladiator)

Marcus Aurelius believed that Rome should again become a republic, because in all the years that the emperor was despite having conquered many lands and met the people had failed in if anything important because although Rome had achieved great territorial expansion that does not had benefited the people because although this
support and celebrate the victories, most citizens (men), must leave their families to risk their lives in battle.
Comfortable, but knew that the people he liked the victory he had no courage to face a war and therefore preferred to distract the people with a plan of "bread and circuses", so that this will not notice the problems of empire and reveal not against it. Another thing that Commodus believed, was that the power of the empire was to be concentrated only in the emperor, or the failure of the Senate supported.
There was infighting in the Senate since some defended and supported the government led by Comodo and others were against and conspired against him, this caused many upheavals and conflicts.

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Gladiator review

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 2 April 2013 02:29 (A review of Gladiator)

Who among us has never criticized a governor or politician?
Probably many times we have been at odds with the people who run the country and how many times we will say "even I would rule better ..."
Are not always the best power. There are people with more ability to direct that we come to us, but, they, with all humility, prefer to pursue other things, like normal people. This is one of the themes of the movie 'Gladiator', where Maximus Roman army general, rejects the position of emperor, since, after the war Marcus Aurelius wants to be emperor, but he wants to return to his wife and son .
The film is at first sight of war and action, but, looking at it another way, one realizes that 'Gladiator' is also about the importance of the pursuit of good government.
These issues are also mixed wanting to be level with your family matter, as the case of Commodus, who can not get his father to love him as much as Max, who wants to give the power.
I think in this film disclosed multiple values ​​that make us think about what we have and learn to appreciate it, teaches us to be humble and to appreciate our family, and, at the same time shows us life in ancient Rome, both as noble as the gladiators, to commoners.

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V for Vendetta review

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 2 April 2013 02:26 (A review of V for Vendetta)

This is a very complex character, full of motivation and ideas, branded as crazy by some, a terrorist by others, lauded as a hero by some. In short, V is a mysterious being, and that we will get to know in depth, but will be able to inspire all kinds of feelings: sometimes feel dread seeing him appear, sometimes an irrational confidence, even make us laugh. And in certain moments we sense (absolutely positive) that we are attending a recital of humor, without ever losing sight of the context in which the story unfolds. Weaving done (again) papelazo whole, is that despite the mask is able to convey everything you need, making close-ups, which could become really absurd (the failure to see the movement in the protagonist's mouth while talking strangely enough) charge the same meaning as if the mask was not in place.

But V is not only, and that is where Natalie Portman, Evey, a girl of 16 who developed a close and special relationship with the masked man. In addition, a number of characters evolving guide the flow of the film, is that the stories will be mixed in the same way that all the ingredients of this particular recipe, while know the past, present and future London our protagonist and his surroundings. A London in which a strict political regime has taken power cut based freedoms and impose strict control over citizens.

This is a film that, without being revolutionary, is different, entertaining (even though the long dialogues, laden message), addictive, emotional ... A must-see for those who rarely come from Hollywood. To my mind, a masterpiece able to seamlessly combine their different ways, to result in a very resultón and convince most of the public. Public out of the courtroom stunned (especially if no previously known history, something that is not at all necessary to enjoy the film) and reflecting on the implications of the plot and is critical to our own society

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